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Unknown rider – Friday Fun: Statues

For this weeks Friday Fun we have been asked:

statues are built to commemorate, to decorate, for many reasons

please share your pics or stories about statues that resonate …
or take this opportunity to showcase your collection statue pics!

Whether through your lens or using creative writing … go where the prompt leads!

I spent a lot of time deciding which of my photos of sculptures where actually statues, but in the end I went with this photo, which is most definitely what I would call a statue!

‘Unknown rider’, Copenhagen, 2017.Unknown rider

For those of you who want to know the rider is not actually unknown this is the Statue of King Frederick V – Amalienborg Palace – but until I embarked on creating this post I had no idea.



Ephemeral – Tuesday Photo Challenge – Sculpture

Well this week Frank challenges us with the topic:

The theme of Sculpture challenges you to share photography of Sculptureboth large and small, as you enjoy it in your world. There should be plenty of opportunity to find some cool Sculpture!

Well I have lots of photos of sculpture, some are photos of works by famous artists, some are by those unknown, some appear to be sculptures but are natural, some are ancient and some are modern.  And I have shared quite a few on this blog.

Here is one taken on our recent trip to Anglesey, soon to return to nature I imagine a transient passage of artwork that enriches our lives for a limited time.

‘Ephemeral’, Anglesey, 2019.Ephemeral


Duckman. – Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge – Lawn Ornaments.

This week Cee challenges us with the topic ‘Lawn Ornaments‘.

Where does Ornament stop and sculpture begin?  Does it depend on the size of the lawn? The size of the house?  This gnome like creature is pretty big, is it still an ornament?  An ornament is an accessory, article, or detail used to beautify the appearance of something to which it is added or of which it is a part, so I guess it is both.

‘Duckman’, Threave Garden, 2018.CBWCLawn.jpg



Reaching in – Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Hands

For this weeks Fun Foto Challenge Cee gives us the topic of ‘Hands’.

Some of you will notice that doing this sort of thing is a theme for my wife and myself, sometimes it is the only way other than visual means to interface with the sculpture or ancient stone, touching may not be allowed, in this case it was, well there was nothing to say not to.  And sometimes the casting of the shadow makes us feel we are part of the object, that we were always waiting to become part of its realised form.

‘Reaching in’, Tremenheere sculpture garden, 2016.Reaching in


Chair of plenty – Friendly Friday: Chair

This Friday, Something to Ponder About and The Snow Melts Somewhere have challenged us with:

This week’s theme is Chair. I’m looking forward to seeing your entries!

Well I had just been editing this for XingfuMama’s Pull up a seat challenge, so I thought I would also give it another shot with a slightly different crop and take on the editing process here.

‘Chair of plenty’, Castle Drogo, 2015.Chair of plenty