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Inviting – #ThursdayDoors: August 15th, 2019

Each week Norm asks that we post images of Doors.  So here is mine for the week.

‘Inviting’, Fountains Abbey, 2019.Inviting



Bridge way – Which Way Challenge: August 1st, 2019

Each week sonofabeach96 challenges us with the following:

This Which Way challenge is all about capturing the roads, walks, trails, rails, steps, signs, etc. we move from one place to another on.  You can walk on them, climb them, drive them, ride on them, as long as the specific way is visible.  Any angle of a bridge is acceptable as are any signs.

This week I chose this way:

‘Bridge way’, Fountains Abbey, 2019.Bridge way



Ancient triangle – #SundayStills: #Triangles

This week Teri has challenged us with:

“Triangles” is our theme this week for the Sunday Stills Photo Challenge.

I am going to claim that the Capstone of Bodowyr Burial Chamber is a triangle, or at least it looks like one, hope I get away with it :).

‘Ancient triangle’, Bodowyr Burial Chamber, Anglesey, 2019.SSTriangle


Underworld stairs – #ThursdayDoors: July 11 & 18, 2019

Each week Norm asks that we post images of Doors.  I was away last week so thought I would give you two images taken while on holiday.  One in Lieu of last week, and one for this week.  Not quite a door, but still a doorway I feel.

‘Underworld’, Capel Lligwy, Anglesey, 2019.Underworld

‘Stairs’, Capel Lligwy, Anglesey, 2019.Stairs



Devil’s Arrows – Weekly Prompts: Satisfaction

This weekend GC and SueW have chosen the following as the theme for their challenge.

This week’s photo challenge centers itself on the word SATISFACTION.

Last week I felt a great deal of satisfaction as we were on holiday, busy days visiting ancient sites, stately homes, places of interest & castles. And what magnificent ancient sites we got to see this time on Anglesey, and then in Yorkshire.  The corn really was this colour! And a lucky choice of clothing colour for my wife :).

‘Devil’s Arrows’, Devil’s Arrows , Boroughbridge, 2019.WPSatisfied


Duckman. – Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge – Lawn Ornaments.

This week Cee challenges us with the topic ‘Lawn Ornaments‘.

Where does Ornament stop and sculpture begin?  Does it depend on the size of the lawn? The size of the house?  This gnome like creature is pretty big, is it still an ornament?  An ornament is an accessory, article, or detail used to beautify the appearance of something to which it is added or of which it is a part, so I guess it is both.

‘Duckman’, Threave Garden, 2018.CBWCLawn.jpg



Giraffe – Friendly Friday: Shadows

This Friday, ‘The Snow Melts Somewhere’ and ‘Something to Ponder About’ have challenged us with:

The prompt for this Friday is:


Well I wish I had a picture of Hank Marvin for this challenge, but failing that another shot of what we get up to when we visit ancient stone circles.

‘Giraffe’, Men-an-tol, West Penwith, 2016.FFShadow