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This one’s 4 u – Friendly Friday – Story

This Friday Something to Ponder About and The Snow Melts Somewhere have challenged us with:

Welcome to the Friendly Friday Photo Challenge!

This week’s prompt is short but sweet: Story.

Interpret it any way you’d like! Tell a story with a picture, or use words to accompany your picture.

A number of years ago, far too many in fact, ok, ok, it was the 30th August 1991, I wrote a song entitled ‘This one’s 4 U’.  I was sat in the front room of my parents house, where at that time I was still living, and the lyrics were based on what I saw around me.  I have always seen song lyrics as a story, sometimes I am attempting to tell the listener my version of the story, and sometimes the listener imparts a meaning that was never intended.  Anyway back to ‘This one’s 4 U’, it became a firm favourite with some of my friends, it was a fun tune to play, and playful to listen to, the chorus goes:

My Dairy Queen
Where have you been
Ginger, Tabby and Black one
This one’s for you

Well the third line of the song relates to the children’s book below:

‘Black one’FFStory


So a small part of my lyrical story came from a story itself, woven into the lyrical tale I was telling about the room in which I sat.

And if I have got this right you should be able to hear a recording I made a couple of years ago.


Yule pie – V.J.’S Weekly Challenge #37: Story

Well this week V.J. has challenged us with:

‘Story’ – There are many ways we might approach this challenge: dig up a story from our timelines, tell a story about the future, offer a story through images, or even uncover the story of another.

I really was not sure how I was going to do this, so I sought inspiration in food as is so often the case, and then I remembered taking these pictures of the Yule pie I made.  So here is a story for you entitled ‘Yule Pie’ – it has a fabulous conclusion even if I do say so myself.