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I’m for them – Sunday Stills: For the #Birds

This week Teri challenges us with:

Your posts, photos, and creative ideas may be all about birds this week, but certainly won’t be “for the birds.” If you are lucky to already be enjoying birds visiting your neighborhoods and backyards this month, share the love and FEED them.

Next doors cats used to ensure our attention was focused on them and not the birds!  Not a picture of our lovely feathered friends but this was too good not to use.

‘I’m for them!’, Brynna, 2009.
I'm for them!


Triplet of sweets – Sunday Stills: #Sweet Deals Ahead

This week Teri challenges us with:

This week’s theme is sweet, just in time for Valentine’s Day on Friday.

Well the perfect excuse to use another ice cream photo!

‘Triplet of sweets’, Fountains abbey, 2019.


Stone – Sunday Stills: Old

This week Hugh again takes over from Teri and challenges us with:

This week’s theme for Sunday Stills is the word OLD. What does the word old mean to you? Are the stars, sun and moon old? They may seem old to you, but to others out there they may seem young.

I am fairly sure this photo will not come as a surprise to those of you who pop by regularly.

‘Stone’, Devil’s arrows, 2019.


Soft Seas – Sunday Stills: #Favorite Photo

This week Teri  challenged us with:

With the holidays upon us, I thought I would make it easy for all of us at Sunday Stills this week to share a few of our favorite photos or some oldie-but-goodies. If you have a new favorite to share, well, go right ahead!

Well I would find it hard to choose a favourite photo, and especially one that has not yet been used for a challenge, so I thought I would choose a favourite from one of my most recent excursions that remains as yet unedited.  It is in fact a favourite place 🙂

‘Soft Seas’, Sandymouth bay, Cornwall, 2019.
Soft seas


Heebie-jeebies – Sunday Stills: #Something scary

This week Teri  challenged us with:

This week’s theme is all about “something scary” since Halloween is right around the corner. Aside from the requisite ghouls, ghosts, witches and other scary things we associate with the season, I admit that there are scarier things!

I am in awe of people who traipse around looking for, entering, and taking photographs of ‘abandoned’ buildings.  I find their photos intriguing, and a little sinister. I visit many ancient sites, old stones, castles, national trust houses, but abandoned buildings just give me the heebie-jeebies!  However during last years visit to Dumfries and Galloway, we did visit one such dark and brooding place, and I have to say I was on edge all the time, I felt I was not particularly wanted, resented as part of the problem that would let such a magnificent place fall into such disrepair.  The ghosts of the place seemed to weigh heavy on me as I took my photos, and at the end I would have to say I was happy to leave!  Though also happy to have visited.

‘Heebie-jeebies’, Kenmure castle, 2018.


Pink tint – Sunday Stills: Honoring #Pink

This week Teri  challenged us with:

I look forward to you all filling up the pages of WordPress with your pink images!

‘Pink tint’, Dunster Castle, 2019.

And given Teri’s post is to raise awareness, as October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month – perhaps I can get away with a cheeky edit of the above – I hope people see the fun in it.

‘Cheeky edit’, 2019.

Please whatever your gender, remember to check yourself, and if you find anything, please do seek medical advice, if it turns out to be nothing, they will be happy also, you waste no ones time by talking, and getting examined.


Door cubed – #SundayStills: All #Lined Up

This week Teri  challenged us with:

October kicks off another month of Sunday Stills photo challenges, but did you know that Becky B, square photographer extraordinaire, is back to hosting her squares challenge this month? October’s theme is “lines and squares.”

Why not join in for Sunday Stills this week and post some lines and squares for both challenges! Think of it as photo blogging squared!

So given this entrant is for both Sunday stills and Becky’s lines and squares, and given I have used this photo before but un-cropped for another challenge – Bound, I thought I would take it to the third dimention and give you…

‘Door³’, Dunster Castle, 2019.
Door squared