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Lake district – October 2018 [Day 1 – Castlerigg. Day 2 – Ghyll Bank House, Staveley, rockets, hills, sheep. Day 3 – Long Meg and her Daughters, back to Ghyll Bank. Day 4 – Swinside/Sunkenkirk Stone circle. Day 5 – Castlerigg.]

For those of you who are not friends on Facebook, here are some photos taken in October 2018 when we visited the Lake district.

Day 1 – Castlerigg. Day 2 – Ghyll Bank House, Staveley, rockets, hills, sheep. Day 3 – Long Meg and her Daughters, back to Ghyll Bank. Day 4 – Swinside/Sunkenkirk Stone circle. Day 5 – Castlerigg. – [158 photos]


Colour in the round – Tuesday Photo Challenge – Round

Well this week Frank challenges us with the topic ‘Round’:

Well I just had to use a photo of one of the many stone circles we have visited, I hope I can get away with this for ’round’, as most stone circles are slightly flattened on one side, or ovaloid. This is not by accident but appears to be planned by those megalithic designers.

‘Colour in the round’, Sunkenkirk/Swinside stone circle, Cumbria, 2018.TPCRound

“Still round the corner there may wait, A new road or a secret gate.” – J. R. R. Tolkien


Long shadows – Lens-Artists Challenge #32 – Shadows

This weeks challenge from Tina asks us:

Let’s make this week’s challenge SHADOWS.

We this is quite a hard one, as all our best photography is dependent on the shadows, looking for the best placement of light that results in the shadow when taking the shot, or of lightening them or darkening them in post.

So I could choose literally any photo, however lacking a photo of ‘Hank Marvin’, I chose these photos.

‘Long Shadow’, Long Meg and her daughters, Cumbria, 2018.Shadowmeg

‘Present Photographer’, Swinside/Sunkenkirk stone circle, Cumbria, 2018.Shadowswinside

Everything that we see is a shadow cast by that which we do not see.  – Martin Luther King, Jr.




There and Back again – Friendly Friday Photo Challenge – Pathways

This week Amanda of Something to Ponder About hosts the ‘Friendly Friday Photo Challenge‘ and asks us:

Share your ‘Pathways’ photos on Friendly Friday.

The first photo is of a pathway I have been using a lot in these challenges recently, the pathway to Sunkenkirk/Swinside stone circle. And a reminder of the value of friendship.


The second a photo of what is probably my favorite circle with the liner pathway that dissects her.  Long Meg and her daughters.


The third a pathway that leads nowhere, but remember that if you are patient you will get to where you want to go. Pier at Brockhole, Lake Windermere.


Pathways can take you in both directions though so be wary.  Rail track in Copenhagen.


But I hope they deliver you to a place of peace.  St. Michaels mount, Cornwall.


And bring you back safely to your friends and family. Karen at Greenway.



The road to Sunkenkirk -A Photo a Week Challenge: Vanishing Point

In this weeks challenge Nancy asks us:

A vanishing point, also known as the point of convergence, is a key element in many works of art. Think of the vanishing point is the spot on the horizon line where the other lines diminish. It allows us to a create three-dimensional look in drawings, paintings, and photographs.

When shooting perspective images, sometimes the vanishing point visible. Sometimes it’s not, as in my image. The curve of the vanishing point gives you the feeling that you know what is just beyond the bend in the road.


So here are two images of the road to Sunkenkirk/Swinside Stone circle, taken on our visit to the Lake district in October 2018.



Up to Swinside – Photo Challenge Walking.

This week SueW & GC  of Weekly Prompts say:

The Photo Challenge GC and I have chosen for you this weekend is ‘Walking‘ . . . What about you, are you the type to enjoy a brisk walk in the great outdoors, or are you a sedentary person whose idea of exercise is similar to my friend’s?

At the end of October we took a trip up to the Lake district, so here is a picture of walking to, and arrival at our destination on one of the days, Swinside Stone Circle (Sunkenkirk).