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Post – Tuesday Photo Challenge – Focus

This week Frank challenges us with the topic:

The challenge for you is to take focus into your preferred direction. There are many ways that you can take this: in focus, out of focus, a look of focus on someone’s face, you name it! Let your creative minds wander happily and keep your focus on the theme!

‘Post’, Talley Abbey, 2019.Post


Reborn tides and Tidal spirits – Friendly Friday: Ebb and Flow

This Friday, ‘The Snow Melts Somewhere’ and ‘Something to Ponder About’ have challenged us with:

Publish a ‘Friendly Friday – Ebb and Flow,’ post

I have used this photo before, for a different challenge, however I thought I would re-edit it, and thus this image itself takes on a certain ebb and flow as it is reborn.  A tidal river shaped by the ebb and flow of water over the years.

‘Reborn tides’, River Nith, 2018.Reborn tides

I thought I would also add this one, not only because it contains the ebb and flow between life and death, the humans who have been christened, married, have worshipped, and been buried here.  But also the ebb and flow of a religion, the old abbey, the ‘new’ church.

‘Tidal spirits’, Tally abbey, 2019.Tidal spirits


Ancient Danger – Sunday Stills: #Danger

This week Teri has challenged us with:

This week’s Sunday Stills theme is “danger.”

Beware of the hidden dangers!  Ok folks so my use of this sign this may seem a little tongue in cheek, especially after a previous post that used one of the symbols, however we should take care of ourselves each and every day, be aware of the dangers that may be around us, and above all use a little common sense.

‘Ancient Danger’, Talley abbey, 2019.Ancient Danger


Is this my best side – Friendly Friday: Posing

This Friday, Something to Ponder About and The Snow Melts Somewhere have challenged us with:

Which brings me to the prompt for this week’s Friendly Friday photo challenge – the prompt is Posing.

We were walking around Tally Abbey this week when this sheep almost said ‘Can you take my picture, and make sure you have my best side, I have my best ear studs in and everything!’, it then proceeded to strike this pose.

‘Is this my best side’, Tally abbey, 2019.Is this my best side