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Close and red – Sunday Trees: 388

For this Sunday’s trees challenge from Becca I decided to use this, the colours of this Acer really cheered me up.

‘Close and red’, Sizergh Castle, 2017.Close and red




New Growth – K’lee and Dale’s Cosmic Photo Challenge: The beauty of Spring.

Each week, K’lee and Dale offer  prompts for us to consider as the latest challenge.  This week it was Dale with:

The beauty of Spring.

So another couple of photos from a recent trip to Dyffryn Gardens on a lovely spring day.

‘Laden’, Dyffryn gardens, 2019.Laden

‘Pom pom’, Dyffryn gardens, 2019.Pom pom

And because this is a Cosmic challenge – a quick composite image.

‘Dyffryn dreams’, Dyffryn gardens, 2019.Dyffryn dreams


Woodland gate – Sunday Stills – #Gates to Fun

This week Teri has challenged us with ‘Gates’.

So I chose this gate in the woodland at Colby Woodland Gardens, I liked the way the sunlight was filtering through the trees and catching the post.  Gateways are often the liminal spaces of transition between one experience and another, but in this case we pass from woodland – to woodland, did we feel a change of place?

‘Woodland gate’, Colby Woodland Gardens, 2016.Woodland gate


A walk through Fernworthy – Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Walks, Trails, Sidewalks

For this weeks Fun Foto Challenge Cee gives us the topic of ‘Walks, Trails, Sidewalks’.

So a picture of a walk through Fernworthy forest, on the hunt for the stone circles of ‘Fernworthy’ and ‘Grey Wethers’.

‘A walk through Fernworthy’, Dartmoor, 2018.A walk through Fernworthy


Down in the woods – Friendly Friday: Photo walk

This Friday Something to Ponder About and The Snow Melts Somewhere have challenged us with:

It’s Friendly Friday again and the theme for this week is Photo Walk.

What catches your eye?

A walk down in our local woods always means there is a photo opportunity. So here are a few shots to give you a feel for what catches my eye, when there are no stone circles, ancient monuments, vast open landscapes, or cats to be found.


Holiday tree – Sunday Trees – 385

For this Sunday’s trees challenge from Becca I thought I would use this tree.  It is the tree that stands outside ‘Coast B&B’ in Cornwall, which is where we stay when we visit.  When we draw back the curtains in the morning this tree, along with the view over Carbis bay are the first things seen, and as generally we will be there over a weekend, it therefore means that when on holiday this is quite often a ‘Sunday tree’.

‘Holiday tree’, Carbis bay, 2012.Holiday tree