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Reaching in – Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Hands

For this weeks Fun Foto Challenge Cee gives us the topic of ‘Hands’.

Some of you will notice that doing this sort of thing is a theme for my wife and myself, sometimes it is the only way other than visual means to interface with the sculpture or ancient stone, touching may not be allowed, in this case it was, well there was nothing to say not to.  And sometimes the casting of the shadow makes us feel we are part of the object, that we were always waiting to become part of its realised form.

‘Reaching in’, Tremenheere sculpture garden, 2016.Reaching in


Looking for curves – Photo for the Week – 29 – Curves

This weeks PFTW challenge from Bren is – Curves.

This sculpture by Peter Randall-Page Ra ‘Slip of the lip’  has plenty of curves, with a few more added for good measure in post.

‘Slip of the lip’, Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens, 2016.PFTWcurves

This photo of a friend on a bike in Copenhagen although full of strait lines, is also dominated by its curves.  And just out of shot, the object of the bike riders gaze, is a sculpture which was full of curves.  It is situated in the park where Ørestads Blvd intersects with Vejlands Allé, for those that are interested.

‘Looking at curves’, Copenhagen, 2017.PFTWcurves2


In, behind, illuminated – A Photo a Week Challenge – Unexpected Windows

This weeks challenge from Nancy is:

Have you ever walked pass an opening in a wall or barrier and suddenly an amazing view opened up? I love unexpected windows. It’s like viewing a whole different world, even if it’s your own backyard through your backdoor.


So the first is unusual only because I was not expecting to take it.

‘Devencourt window’, Devoncourt hotel, Exmouth, 2014.uwdevon2014

The second, a baby seagull sheltering against the window, an unexpected view through the glass.

‘Baby gull’, Dartmouth Castle, Devon, 2015.uwseagull2015

And finally, hopefully you will let me get away with this one, a photo of the light falling on my wife from the circular opening in the ceiling of the underground elliptical domed chamber ‘Tewlwolow Kernow’ by James Turrell Ra.

‘Illuminating Light’, Tremenheere Sculpture gardens, Cornwall, 2016.uwkaren2016

camera obscura: Weekly Photo Challenge: Mirror

This weeks WPC asks us to find our subject matter in mirrors and reflections.  Well first off I use a mirrorless camera, so from the outset that is one less mirror in the equation!  However this though did make me think of a recent trip to the Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens near Penzance, where they have a ‘camera obscura’ which does indeed have a mirror to reflect the image produced from a periscope onto a podium for viewing.  Therefore here is my shot for this week, the reflection that the camera obscura produces.

camera obscura.jpg