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Bridging gaps – Tuesday Photo Challenge – Connect

This week Frank has challenged us with the topic:

During this time of social distance, it is more important than ever that we connect with one another. I thought the theme of Connect might make a lot of sense. So, your challenge is to capture anything that either connects or with which you feel connected.

Well given I have used variations on this theme and text twice before this week, and so I feel no reason to stop now.  Some of you will have read this – but hey – you get a nice new photo!

Here is to hoping that the streams of our inspiration continue to bring our virtual community together in these troubled times, and serve to remind us of that which is common to us all,  that which we share, and that which we can continue to do for one another.  To keep open our lines of communication, and to bridge the perceived differences between us, to see them not as that which separates us, but as the the flow that can bring us a varied life, and through  our communication build community.

Below are the river Nith and and its Bridge in Dumfries, water and stone, the ancient arteries of communication, now we have electricity and radio waves, ones and zeros, at this moment more than ever let us remember to connect.

‘Bridging gaps’, Dumfries, 2018.
Bridging gaps


Giant Gnome – Tuesday Photo Challenge – Scale

This week Frank has challenged us with the topic:

I figured that after all that rather fine Junk of the past week, it might be time to get on the Scale (for me, at least). Thank you to Robert for inspiring this theme, as the junk scale left a guiding trace within my mind… Of course, we can do more than weigh with this theme, as we might use it to indicate the scale of things, or maybe some HO or N scale for model train fans… Even an occasional fish scale! It’s your choice and your imagination that will guide you along a path of fun and exciting imagery!

This ‘out of scale’ Gnome, looks set to terrorise ‘Abi’s Dashery’ and ‘Babs’ Big Baps Bakery’!

‘Giant Gnome’, Anglesey model village, 2019.
Giant Gnome


Once useful – Tuesday Photo Challenge – Junk

This week Frank has challenged us with the topic:

Of course, Junk can be used in many ways from one person’s garbage to another one’s art or treasure! Your challenge is to find some Junk that speaks to you and share it with all of us!

‘Once useful’, Stott Park Bobbin Mill, 2017.


Moody Blues – Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Needs to have the Letter “K” anywhere in the word & Tuesday Photo Challenge – Number

This Tuesday  for CFFC, Cee has challenged us with – Needs to have the Letter “K” anywhere in the word

& this week Frank has challenged us with the topic:

Welcome to week 200 of the Tuesday Photo Challenge!

As this is a pretty momentous number of times to have this challenge… why not make Number the theme for this week?

So another combination for this challenge, the original photo is courtesy of my wife taken 14 years ago.

So it has the letter “K” in it, because that is me playing a rather moody “Number”, from the look on my face.

‘Moody blues’, 2006.
Moody blues


Well earned – Tuesday Photo Challenge – Rest

This week Frank has challenged us with the topic:

After a wonderful week of feline fun, it might just be time for something a bit more sedate; with that in mind, I thought this week’s theme should be Rest… Well-deserved to be sure! Of course, with a theme like Rest, there are many directions, in which we can take this. After all, while you Rest, the Rest of the world could be awake… Whether a verb or a noun, you get to choose how you want to interpret this theme.

So, don’t rest on your laurels and collect the rest of your ideas into a creative post! I can’t wait to see what you’ll come up with this week! Go out there and have fun with this one!

A photo of my dad, having a well deserved rest after I had taken him shopping.

‘Well earned’, 2019.
Well earned


King Roswell – Tuesday Photo Challenge – Cat

This week Frank has challenged us with the topic:

As our household grew by the arrival of a Siberian Forest Cat, while I was in India, I thought I’d dedicate this week’s challenge to the theme of Cat! Among all of our pets, cats tend most imbued with mystery and often a bit of aloofness. Plus they feature large in plays and mythology, so they are a great source for inspiration of all kinds. Please bring your most enjoyable cat to the forefront this week and let them reign supreme over the challenge (it’s just like being home for them!).

A photo of one of our 2 beautiful boys Roswell.

‘King Roswell’, 2014.
King Roswell


The big tree – Tuesday Photo Challenge – Trees, – #ThursdayTreeLove – 80

This week Frank has challenged us with the topic:

Among all the themes that I haven’t done yet, I was surprised to find Trees (or Tree) among them!

And every 2nd and 4th Thursday Parul at Happiness and Food, asks that we share pictures of Trees.

So here is a photo taken this weekend, a 3 photo stitch, while walking with friends in our local woodland, it is of a large oak tree.  When I was a child, if I had lived nearby, I am sure we would have called this ‘The big tree’, and arranged to meet here.

‘The big tree’, Brynna woods, 2020.
The big Tree


Arriving – Tuesday Photo Challenge – Transport

This week Frank has challenged us with the topic:

Your challenge is to share some of your favorite modes of transport, some of which I hope will be a bit unusual (penny-farthing, anyone?) I look forward to seeing your thoughts on this one!

Afraid this is not that unusual! nor is it my favorite, as I usually suffer due to a morning/evening commute on sometimes overcrowded and delayed South Wales trains! But this train is probably carrying holiday makers looking forward to their weekend away.  I think I do actually have a photo of at least 1 penny-farthing, but will tantalisingly withhold it for now 🙂

‘Arriving’, St. Ives, 2019.


Gateway to wishes – Tuesday Photo Challenge – Portal

This week Frank has challenged us with the topic:

As this is the first Tuesday Photo Challenge in the new year, I went looking for ideas that might be appropriate for this auspicious occasion. Going from the old to the new reminded me of passing from one room into the next, which led me to the theme of Portal. Of course, there are many types of portals to be found around the world, which makes me look forward to discover which among them will appear in your posts.

‘Gateway to wishes’, Dunster, 2019.
Gateway to wishes