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Vienna skyline. – Cosmic Photo Challenge: From above.

On Friday Dale set the challenge of ‘From above’.

‘Vienna skyline’, Viena, 2014.



Hundertwasser balconies – Friendly Friday Photography Challenge – Balconies and Alternative Version

I missed last Friday as I was away having fun, so this week a double post.

When I was researching the topic for this week’s Friendly Friday Photo Challenge, I realized that all my relevant photos were located in Europe. Except for one! I hope that you can show me some more balconies, or patios, or verandahs from all over the world.

So after a search through the archives for some Balconies:

‘Hundertwasser balconies’, Vienna, 2013.
Hundertwasser balconies

It’s not necessarily a better version of things, just a different one, composed of the choices we didn’t make. And there are so many new choices we make every moment, starting right now.

Let’s have fun with this train of thought and explore it for this week’s Friendly Friday Photo Challenge, themed Alternative Version.

So an alternative take on the original photo from which the above was a crop:

‘Hundertwasser balconies 2’, Vienna, 2013.
Hundertwasser balconies


Friends – Weekly Prompts: Grin

This weekend GC and SueW have chosen the following as the theme for their challenge.

This weekend the Weekly Prompts Photo Challenge from GC and me is GRIN.

Animals, babies, unfortunate gaffs and even partners are just a few of the things that make GC and me grin. So, what gets your giggle juices flowing? Whatever it is we’d love to hear about them and see your photos.

As usual this is a flexible challenge and anything goes, so grin and bear it and have fun!

Well first of all thanks to my wife for this photo from the archives, it makes me smile, yes it is blurry, but you can see the warmth, happiness, friendship, and grins!

Two old friends meet up in a foreign land after a good number of years of not seeing each other, the meeting a fairly random chance encounter that they happen to be in Vienna on the same day!  If you don’t know, I am the one on the right.

‘Friends’, Vienna, 2013.
Friends Ken