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Motion Slow – Weekly Photo Challenge – Motion

This week Jenn at ‘Traveling at Wits End’ challenges us to:

Photograph Motion . . .  Photography can uniquely stop time, freezing a fleeting moment that would otherwise pass us by. Photography can also show the passage of time through techniques like long exposure.

Well I was all set to find a picture of a car passing by with motion trails, or maybe one of the cats jumping, however I saw this when looking for another photo, it was unedited and a name for it jumped out.  So I had to use it!

‘Motion Slow’, Bangor, 2014.MotionSlow



Watching Felines – Weekly Photo Challenge – Eyes

This week Jenn at ‘Traveling at Wits End’ challenges us to:

Photograph eyes . . . . Choose a living subject, a person or a pet works, and make sure you can see at least one eye. Living things have a tendency to move around, even if they are being cooperative, but your job is to keep the eyes in focus!

So here are a couple of pictures of our cats.

‘Falco looking up’, Brynna, 2014.EyesFalco

‘Roswell posing’, Brynna, 2015.EyesRoswell


Cats and Quilts – Weekly Photo Challenge: Comfortable and Cozy

For this weeks challenge Jenn asks:

Photograph Something Comfortable & Cozy

The first photo is of one of our cats seeking out a warm place to curl up cozy and sleep.  I am not sure how comfortable my camera bag would be though, and it might be a little too cozy!

‘Falco hunting a hot spot’, Brynna, S.Wales, 2014.Inquisitive

And the second photo is of a quilt we made for friends as a gift for this Christmas, we hope that it is warm, comfortable and cozy.

‘Friendship quilt’, Brynna, S.Wales, 2018.CosyQuilt

Random items – Weekly Photo Challenge: Interesting Light

For this weeks challenge ‘Travelling at wits end’ asks us:

For this etude, look for the light first. Almost any subject can be enhanced if light is falling on it.

Well those of you who follow my blog know that most of the landscape shots I post make use of ‘interesting light, both natural and in post processing.  However for this challenge I wanted to move away from the landscape, so here is one of those oddball photos I took for just the very reason of how the light was falling, and the way the light streaming through the window was falling on the objects, and mixing with the light source from the room.  Without the light this would be a random boring flat shot, but the light made me stop, look, and shoot.

‘Random items’, 2018.light


Repetition – Weekly Photo Challenge: Repeating Patterns

For this weeks challenge, Jen of Traveling at Wits End ask us:

Photograph Repeating Patterns
I worked on this compositional technique a lot when I first started trying to improve my photography skills. My eye will see repeating patterns, but only if the are really obvious. Once I started looking for repeating patterns, though they seem to be everywhere!

The world seems a random place at times, but look again, maybe it’s not as random as you first thought.

So here are a couple of photos from the archive:

The first two from Zennor church, Cornwall, 2014.



The third is of another Pipe organ at St. Grada, a church in Cornwall – 2014.  I had never edited this photo as it was slightly out of focus, but it works for this challenge.


And the fourth repetition, some architectural detail at Mumbles Pier – 2015. We were observing the rite of needing a cup of tea while out for the day, at the time.


And the fifth a photo I have used for a challenge before, scaffolding at Castle Drogo – 2015. On one of our many trips to Cornwall, we stopped in on the way.

Building angles

Well I could go on, because once you start looking repetition is everywhere.


Sennen – Weekly Photo Challenge: Under Cloudy Skies

This week The ‘Traveling at Wits End‘ asks us to:

Photograph Under Cloudy Skies
I don’t usually think much of going out to photograph on a cloudy day, but these days can sometimes be the most rewarding. Also, sometimes a bit cold in winter so wrap up warm! . . . Instead head out for a quick look at the clouds this week to see if they’re doing anything interesting.

Where possible I always like to use photos from the current set I am working on – the inner challenge – not always possible, but at present I am editing a set of pictures from our trip to Cornwall in September.  So here are a couple of Sennen Cove for you.

cloud1 - copy

cloud2 - copy

Stonehenge Triptych – Weekly Photo Challenge: Variations on a Theme

This weeks challenge asks us:

use your camera to discover the endless variety that one thing can contain. It can be a single photo featuring some visual play on repetition and variation

I am currently working on some photos taken at Stonehenge in June last year, so thought I would use one of those for the basis for this challenge.

Stonehenge Triptych


camera obscura: Weekly Photo Challenge: Mirror

This weeks WPC asks us to find our subject matter in mirrors and reflections.  Well first off I use a mirrorless camera, so from the outset that is one less mirror in the equation!  However this though did make me think of a recent trip to the Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens near Penzance, where they have a ‘camera obscura’ which does indeed have a mirror to reflect the image produced from a periscope onto a podium for viewing.  Therefore here is my shot for this week, the reflection that the camera obscura produces.

camera obscura.jpg