Spheres within spheres – Weekly Prompts: Sphere

This weekend GC and SueW have chosen ‘Sphere’ as the theme for their challenge.

Gerry and I would like you to undertake a photographic shape-walk, and we’re pretty certain that during your shape-walk, the sphere will be a little more obvious to you than it was to the five and six-year-olds. Try it, it’s fun!

Well I didn’t get very far with my walk, I stepped out of the back door of the house and into the garden, where I had been stationed most of the morning doing the ‘bank holiday garden tidy’, a dance I am sure a fair few of you have also been doing!.  There before me on the wall were four glass balls, here is one of them.

‘Spheres within spheres’, 2019.Spheres within spheres


5 thoughts on “Spheres within spheres – Weekly Prompts: Sphere”

  1. Absolutely perfect, and right outside the door. So glad you didn’t have to go too far Ken, I’d hate our challenge to detract from the Bank Holiday gardening! 🙂

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      1. Thank you, Ken, I had a lovely day. In the morning I went furniture shopping to a favourite antique/junk shop with my son who is in the process of moving out (again), our trip was successful, we followed this with lunch out and later we took a pleasant walk with the dog.

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