Which comes first? – Weekly Prompts: Weekend Challenge – What is it?

This weekend GC and SueW have chosen the following as the theme for their challenge.

This weekend GC and I have chosen a challenge that is slightly different from the norm; we have chosen a question, and the question is ‘What is it?‘

We would like you to publish part of a photograph that will leave your readers speculating about what it is. Alternatively, why not share a piece of writing but leave us guessing about the object/subject, simply give us clues.

Ok so there may be a bit of a clue in the title for those in the know. . . And for double points guess where I have been!

‘Which comes first’, 2020.
Which comes first?

And here is the full image for you!




  1. I haven’t checked the answer yet so for now will just tell you my thoughts.

    I think I spy jam, you asked which comes first, so still thinking about the jam my guess would be a scone with jam and cream, Devon or Cornwall style. I can’t remember which is which!
    Right I’m off to check the answer.

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