Lead on.

Challenge: Lens-Artists Photo Challenge
Topic: #121 – Focus on the Subject

This week Patti asks:

We often have a subject in mind when we raise the camera to our eyes and click the shutter. Maybe we see an object or person that is interesting or beautiful or remarkable. Maybe we want to capture a moment in time or an event we will treasure for a long time. But sometimes when other people look at our photos, they might have trouble figuring out what the subject is. There may be several objects or people in the image competing for their attention.

The subject was both my wife and the walk, one a physical subject in this image a smaller part of the focus to emphasise the enormity of the outdoors, and lead into the way we would be traveling.

‘Lead on’

The leading lines of the pathway, the upright trees, and a lighter area begin to draw focus to both my wife, and the vanishing point of the path as it curves away. Hopefully this brings focus to the portion of the image below, whilst still maintaining a wider context.



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