Before and after St. Ninians- Weekly Prompts: Edit

This weekend GC and SueW have chosen the following as the theme for their challenge.

Our weekend photo challenge here on Weekly prompts is EDIT!
Do you edit your photographs before inserting into your blog posts?
How often do you pre-edit and by that I mean do you take notice of everything in the background before you take your photo; do you stage manage your shots or is the stack of dirty dishes in the background still there when you finally showcase the picture to the world?
Feel free to use the word in any way you wish, show us your edited photographs, or tell us all about your edits the choice is yours!

Well I think it is safe to say I always edit my photos, sometimes to the point of destruction, but sometimes minimally.  I edit in Lightroom and Photoshop.  They never reach my blog straight from the camera, even if I have shot in Jpeg rather than Raw, there is always a little touch up.  Generally this is just to bring them in line with what I saw in my minds eye when I took the shot, but sometimes….

I sometimes stage manage shots, and would like to think I take notice of the things that are in frame as I look through the viewfinder.  However I do get home to a fair number of shots that have that, what is that doing in the shot, I didn’t see that, and sometimes this randomness makes or breaks the photo.

Of course sometimes I just snap away, but generally I take a bit of time to compose.

So a shot straight from the a6000 below:

‘Before’, St. Ninians, 2018.Before

Fairly acceptable, but not how my imagination coloured it, a minimal edit later and it looks a bit more like the inside of my mind.

‘After’, St. Ninians, 2018.After

I  would probably go a lot further with this image, try and reclaim a small amount of that purple hue in the sky, maybe in another post.



  1. Yes I can see what you mean about losing the purple. The sky now has a slight hint of green and the original scorched dry grass now has the yellow of a corn field. This is the fun of editing we can enhance our pictures to the vision in our mind’s eye. Thank you Ken 🙂

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