Hot and Cross – Friendly Friday Photography Challenge – Something good

This week the Friendly Friday photography challenge  asks:

For this week’s Friendly Friday Photo Challenge I ask you to share  SOMETHING GOOD that’s happened to you over this last month.

It doesn’t have to be spectacular or photogenically perfect. Just something special that’s given you comfort during these last few weeks of isolation. It could be something new that you’ve learned or something old that you’ve re-learned.

Well those of you that stop by fairly regularly, will by now realise that I do enjoy baking.  So last Friday I made these.  Vegan Hot cross buns, not because we are Vegan but because there was no milk in the house, and there were no eggs, and obtaining eggs at the moment is like striking oil!  As of yesterday, I have 10 downstairs now, so that is also something good!

The conclusion was – why do we ever buy these things, they were so good!  we ate the last ones on Thursday, and I would be making more right now if it was not for the fact we are also short of Flour, which I need for Bread, pies, and biscuits in that order!

They were definitely ‘something good’ for a Friday, and it was a Good Friday!  I spent a great deal of time wandering around the house last weekend thinking ‘I’ve made hot cross buns! actual hot cross buns, why have I never done that before!’, Ok so I may have said this out loud a few times as well!

‘Hot and Cross’, 2020.




      • Yes maybe a small batch with the SR, then you can work out if you need to add additional Bicarb/BP. Yum, fairy cakes 🙂 I have to admit That I don’t usually pay attention to the dates on anything other than my SR, though it is all kept dry, sealed away from any invasive pests, and it does not tend to last that long anyway 🙂

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