Probably Polska – Friendly Friday Photography Challenge – Working Together.

This week the Friendly Friday photography challenge  asks:

Community naturally evolves when a group of people come together to achieve something. And thus, the theme for this week’s photography challenge is:

‘Working Together’

I do so miss my extended dance family at the moment, the chance to come together as a community, to listen to, to play, and to dance to fabulous music.  The chance to learn, not only tunes and dances, but about one another, about the differences that make us stronger, and the similarities that unite us.

So here is a photo of Musician, music, & Dancers working together to create the magical whole! And even though I cannot remember what was being taught at this moment, the title was too good not to use.

‘Probably Polska’, Pentreffest Rudry, 2012.
Music and Dancers

And given there is one in this photo, although you cannot really see it – tomorrow is #worldnyckelharpaday! you can find out more here – World nyckelharpa day , plenty of exciting events to watch.  Tomorrow we will be attempting polska in a smallish living room, on carpet!





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