Bears in the wood

Challenge: Lens-Artists Photo Challenge
Topic: #103: Suprise

For many of us, June, July and August are the starters of vacation time. This year is of course without any scheduled far away travels, but small surprises usually occur in our everyday life. It could be surprising meetings, incidents, or maybe eye openers. In fact anything you feel surprise you!

So each week we call around to deliver food to our lovely friends who due to health reasons are shielding. And each week they dress up for us.

‘Bears in the garden’
Photo – K. Pierce

Every week it is a different surprise, my wife takes a photo, and it becomes her picture for the day, part of a project for her which is now into its 3rd year. She shares this on her facebook page and, judging by the comments, it brightens up the day, not just for us, but for friends wide and far whom we have not been able to see for some time now.

A few days later I take the photo and aim to add a another little surprise to give something back to our friends – generally attempting in some way to photoshop ourselves and other friends into the photo.

‘Bears in the wood’
Background artwork from Irulana on Deviantart.

So just like the Pierce-Humphreys travels, this has become a bit of a collaborative project for us, and when this is all over we will have an interesting set of images, expect a lengthy blog post!



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