Four things?

Challenge: Weekly Prompts: Weekend Challenge
Topic: What Am I?

This weekend Sue and GC ask:

This weekend the challenge from partner GC and myself is What Am I?  Think of it as a continuation of our WHAT IS IT series, a change of name that offers a little more scope.
Why not publish part of a photograph that will leave your readers wondering what it could be? Alternatively, you could share a piece of writing that leaves us guessing – or, how about poetry and rhyme? 

So here are four things, but what are they?

Here is a link to the bigger picture.

Have a good weekend.




  1. 1, I had no idea! 2. I guessed chocolate but thought it was wrapped around a Nut such as in a box of chocolates. 3. I wondered about Fox Gloves but thought there was something missing so gave up on that idea.
    4. I guessed it was a close up of pastry, bread didn’t occur to me.

    Good ones Ken, thank you.

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